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18K Gold Exquisite Fashion Ring with Tassel Design Light Luxury Style Necklace

18K Gold Exquisite Fashion Ring with Tassel Design Light Luxury Style Necklace

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Let me describe to you this elegant and stylish ring necklace with tassels in 18K gold:

Design highlights:
This necklace has a beautiful ring as the main element, with a tassel design, showing a fashionable light luxury style. The fringe design will bring a sense of movement and flow during movement, adding vitality and charm to the overall shape.

18K Gold Material:
The main body of the necklace is made of high-quality 18K gold, showing golden luster and texture. The nobility and durability of 18K gold make this necklace even more precious while adding a touch of luxury to your look.

Tassel design:
The lower part of the necklace is designed with tassels. The slender pendant of the tassels adds movement and vitality to the whole, making the whole necklace more eye-catching. The lightness of the tassels also makes the necklace more fluid when worn.

Versatile style:
The simple and elegant design of this necklace, whether it is worn with everyday casual or formal occasions, can easily blend into your style, adding a stylish and chic look to your overall look.

Light luxury fashion:
The 18K gold exquisite fashion ring and tassel-designed necklace perfectly combine light luxury and fashion, allowing you to show elegant and fashionable styles on various occasions.

suitable occasion:
Whether it's an ordinary everyday wear, a party, a dinner or a special event, this necklace can add a sparkle to your look and show your unique taste.

fashion embellishment:
The fringe design gives this necklace a swaying aesthetic, allowing you to attract people's attention and become a fashion centerpiece as you walk.

Unique Style:
The unique design of this necklace combines 18K gold and tassels for a unique and personal touch.

Whether it complements the relaxed feel of everyday casual or adds a touch of luxury to formal occasions, this necklace is a beautiful choice that will brighten up your look.

All our jewelry are made of stainless steel material. For the gold pieces, we added an 18K PVD gold plating.

This means the colour will last for a really long time . It will not fade easily and it's also an anti-scratch material.

  • 18K Gold Plating .
  • Jewelry is plated gold and doesn’t  with your allergy to body.  
  • Products are made of stainless steel, so waterproof!
  • All products are free of nickel, lead or cadmium.
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